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Demonstration program - Version 5.2 for Windows

A demonstration version of RUMNUT is available for evaluation by users. The downloadable version will run for 30 days on your machine after installation and is otherwise fully featured. Once the program has expired you will only be able to use it to access this website. Please note that the download file is about 17 MBytes - even when compressed. With files of this size there is a risk they will be damaged during uploading and downloading especially if using a rural telephone system.  If you are unable to download the demonstration version please send a cheque for £15 (pounds sterling) to me using the order form on the website and I will send out a copy of the demo program on a CD-ROM. The downloaded software is classed as 'shareware' and can distributed freely in the form of the rumnut.exe file.

Please read the legal bits before downloading any software.

Download the license agreement and instructions in PDF format

Download user manual for RUMNUT (2.9 MBytes PDF file)

To down load a copy of the demonstration version click

 (program files: 17 Mbytes)

Installation of version 5.2

  • When downloading the file note carefully where your browser places the setup.exe file
  • Use Windows Explorer to locate the file in the download directory
  • Double click on the file setup.exe to run the installation process
  • You can only have one version of RUMNUT on your computer at a time; if you have older versions they must be deleted before installation.
  • Follow the on screen instructions and accept all the default values that are offered.
  • Click on Finish to complete the installation procedure.
  • Close down all open windows and you will find five new green icons on your desk top that access RUMNUT.
  • Download the appropriate instructions above and use these to help you get started.
NOTE The RUMNUT program has been developed on a machine protected by anti-virus software. All source and executable code has been checked and monitored by this software and is considered to be free from computer viruses and variants. However no liability is accepted for any damage, direct or indirect, caused or attributed to any software downloaded from this web site.
28 December, 200928 December, 2009